Creative Fundraiser Event Information


Whether you're raising money for your favorite charity, sports teams, education, grants, or competitions, a Creative Cocktail Event is easy to host.  Just follow these simple steps and ... voila ... you're ready for your event.


Hosting an Event


* Click the link below to fill out and submit an event questionnaire. 

* Work closely with Susan to choose the perfect painting, or craft for your event.

* Secure a location (with tables and chairs provided) for the Event.

* Invite 25 (or more) people to the event.

* On the date of your Event, Susan will show up 1 hour prior to the start of the event to set up.

(Note: We provide art materials and supplies, table coverings and dropcloths. We do not provide table and chairs.)

* The Host/Hostess is responsable for providing/selling refreshments, food, or appetizers to attending guests.

* Once the guests have arrived and the Event is underway, Susan will use a step-by-step approach to

instruct and guide the group through the project completion process.

* In about 2 to 3 hours, each person will have completed their very own work-of-art.




* Must provide 6 Week Advanced Notice of Event.

*  Must have 30 Guest Minimum.

* Must provide head-count 3 days prior to the Event.

* Must provide a $100.00 deposit (returnable if Event is cancelled 10 days prior to the Event date).

* The Organization will be required to advertise, sell tickets and collect Event fees prior to the Event.

(Note: Advertising materials and a link for purchasing tickets (via CHS website) will be provided for each event.)

* Remaining fees and last minute ticket sales will be collected prior to the start of the event.

* We accept Cash, Credit Card and Debit Card payments. We do not accept personal checks for any Event.

* The Company, or organization is responsible for setting-up, breaking down and cleaning-up after the event.